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VSAT Services

We are Exclusive Agents of Shenzhen  Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Marinesat Network Technology Co., Ltd., known as MARINESAT, was founded in December 2014, and registered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province with a registered capital of RMB 60 million. The company was headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with multiple subsidiary operation centers in Xi ‘an and Hangzhou separately. In June 2018, the headquarter of company strategically relocated to Hangzhou and settled in parent company.


MARINESAT is the largest and only international maritime broadband satellite communication service provider in China, which engaged in maritime broadband access and value-added business operations. The company aspires to transform the whole Marine industry through the leading business model and technological innovation, and to create the intelligent marine ecological chain by the Intelligent Marine platform jointly established by “Internet + shipping”, “Internet of things” and “Marine big data”.


Through years’ development, MARINESAT has successfully cooperated with many famous Chinese ship owners such as COSCO Shipping, SINOTRANS&CSC, China Merchants Energy Shipping, Shandong Shipping, etc., which are all large state-owned enterprises. Besides domestic achievements, MARINESAT has also reached co operations with overseas ship owners from Japan, Singapore, etc. Ships enjoying the services provided by MARINESAT almost cover all types such as cruise ships, bulk carriers, tankers, offshore vessels, fishing vessels, etc. Until now MARINESAT has provided international services for more than 2,000 vessels of different types.


MARINESAT is a subsidiary of Sunwave Communication Co., Ltd. which is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 2007 with a stock code of 002115