Marine Plus | Repairs & Conversions
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Repairs & Conversions

Our core business always was and still is shiprepair and conversion

Most of our business is conducted in China, where we have been active since 1992. China accounts for around 80% of our annual shiprepair/conversion turnover , by far the largest portion. We are also active and exclusively represent shipyards in Hong Kong, the Black Sea, Med region, Thailand, Kuwait, The Americas and Europe.


In China yards do not offer agents exclusive agreements, partly because the Chinese are extremely competitive by nature and also because they believe that the Greek market is so large it is not possible for one agent to cover the entire territory.

We have thus built up very close, long-term and constructive cooperation with the best shiprepair yards in China. This has been a slow process which has taken years of commitment and hard work, a combination of strong interpersonal relationships with the senior management of these yards as well as a concentrated team effort to ensure each repair project undertaken is a success both for our Greek customers as well as the Yards we represent.

Our real job begins after we receive a firm booking, especially during the vessel’s repair at the yard, where key milestones are monitored as well as overall progress, maintaining agreed schedules, docking dates, sufficient labor for prompt execution of works etc. During this period regular contact with the attending supt eng as well as the head office is maintained. Monitoring and expediting work progress is greatly assisted by our Chinese-speaking staff who deal with working level yard staff (eg ship repair manager, deck engineer etc), whilst we also keep contact with senior yard management as and when their intervention is required.