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Main Agents

We are the main agents for the following shipyards:

Authorized Agents

We are authorized agents for the following shipyards:

Chengxi Shipyard (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Region

Chengxi shipyard Co. Ltd. is one of the largest Ship repair and new building enterprises under CSSC. The company succeeds to the production and business of previous Chengxi Shipyard and specializes in ship repair and new building, steel construction as well as offshore engineering, lifting gears and mechanical-electric equipments repair and manufacture.
Located in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province, the company covers an area of 980,000 square meters, with 2,152 meters river front and 1,630 meters outfitting quay. The company has 5 floating docks, in 170,000DWT, 120,000DWT, 100,000DWT, 80,000DWT, and 25,000DWT respectively and one slipway in 70,000DWT. And also, the company is rich in facilities and equipments of shiprepair, newbuilding and steel construction. The company is proud of the strong technical capability and the plenty of ship conversion experience as well as the annual production capacity of 240 vessels (up to 300,000DWT) for shiprepair and conversion, 15 vessels (up to 70,000DWT) for newbuilding and 50,000-ton steel for steel construction.


Ship repair is the main business of the company, and the annual capacity of ship repair is 200 vessels around including but not limited to bulk carrier, container, chemical tanker (tanker), self-unloader, LPG and engineering vessels. It has established long standing business cooperative relationship with shipping companies in over 40 foreign countries and regions, such as Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Canada, the United States of America, Panama, Argentina, Liberia, Algeria, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Taiwan and Hongkong etc., and has established very good reputation and credibility in the international ship repair market.


The company, taking advantage of strong technology, equipment, and management, spare no efforts to develop projects of cement self-unloading conversion, bulk self-unloading conversion, container restoring, Ro-Ro ship conversion, bulk carrier lengthening, bulk carrier conversion to multipurpose container, single hull tanker into double skin tanker and ice breaker lengthening etc.. Recently, the production value of the conversions has been over 50% of the total ship repair, and all the conversions are delivered to the owner on time with the high quality, which is appraised highly by the owner. The company is awarded with “five star shipyard”.


In order to further consolidate ship repair market and expand total production value, the company has established a new yard at Changrong base in Jingjiang. The new shipyard is equipped with a 170,000DWT floating dock and well-equipped outfitting berth and workshop. With this good basis, the company will develop more fast and make more economic benefits.



Type Dwt Length(m) x Breadth(m)
Floating dock 100,000 257m x 42m
Floating dock 80,000 256m x 40,5m
Floating dock 25,000 189m x 28m

Area Map

Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Region

Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture corporation by Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd, HongKong Brilliant Hero Industrial Ltd., as a state-owned holding modern enterprise for ship repair & conversion.She located at Xingang port in Jingjiang city, Jiangsu province, North Latitude is 32°02’43′, East Logitude is 120°24.5′. The company has an advantage in road and water way transportation as it is adjacent to the port cities like Shanghai, Ningbo, Nantong and Zhangjiagang.


There are more than 240 engineers and technicians in company,and covers an area of 230,000 square meters. There are two floating docks with deadweight capacity of 170,000 tons and 100,000 tons. Outfitting quay is 1060 meters, the front water depth being 12-20 meters and the main navigation channel 30 meters. The quay has been equipped with shore crane with lifting capacity of 60 tons/70meters X 2 sets,50 tons /100 meters X 2 sets, 32tons /72 meters X 2sets. Steel workshop covers an area of 16,000 square meters. Machinery & Electrical workshop covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Piping workshop covers an area of 7,000 square meters. Hatch covers paint cell covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Hatch covers repair place covers an area of 30,000 square meters with two sets gantry crane of 50 tons. The company has been fully equipped with advanced ship repair facilities, and the company has been accredited and certificated by CSQA with QMS, EMS and OHSMS.


The company is mainly engaged in ship repair & conversion, offshore unit repair & conversion. The annually capacity is repair & conversion between 120 to 150 vessels & offshore units. The company has successively established close cooperation. The annually capacity is repair & conversion between 120 to 150 vessels& offshore units. The company has successively established close cooperation relationship with many other countries and regions, such as France, UK, Norway, Greece, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Hongkong and so on. We gradually enjoy more and more popularity in ship repairing industry.


The company abides by the business concept from CSSC Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd. “One Vessel as an advertissement, and One Advertisement as One Market”, sincerely wishing to cooperate with the owners all over the world.

Area Map

Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard - Shanghai Region

Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park, which is invested by Jiangsu Xin Changjiang Group.  The total investment of the Industrial Park is about 4 billion RMB, covering an area of about 1.6 million square meters with the the coastline of about 2,500 meters. The company is located in Zhoushan Archipelago New Area with great advantage of geographical location and convenient transportation .It is in the northwest coast of Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, adjacent to the international golden waterway and face to face the Shanghai Yangshan harbor across the sea.


The shipyard possesses two Dry-docks of 300,000 Tons and 80,000 Tons capacity respectively, a Floating Dock of 30,000 LT, two 150,000-ton berths with outfitting quay of nearly 2000 meters, a 900-Ton gantry crane and two 500-Ton gantry crane. Annual processing capacity of steel can be reached to 300,000 tons and the shipbuilding to 2.52 million DWT, with construction conditions and capabilities of various types of medium-sized or bigger-sized ship building and pair at home and abroad.


The company holds the spirit of good faith, cooperation and win-win situation, adhering to lean first class products, comprehensive environment control, first-class safety risk control and refined management of performance, thus creating a modern shipbuilding and marine industrial base towards world’s first class shipbuilding enterprise.




Area Map

DSIC Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. - Northern China

DSIC Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise that belongs to the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). The shipyard has three dry docks, sized 170x28x9.1 m for Handymax, 240x39x11.4 m for Panamax, 340x64x12.8 m for VLCC, and ten wharfs with a total length of 2,018 m, four harbor tugs, and workshops for steel processing, piping, painting, numerical-controlled cutting machine, steel pre-treatment line, plate straighting and 200 tons gantry crane etc. There are 900 highly skilled, experienced engineers and architects.


The shipyard has been qualified and certified to IS09001—2000 standards, and with its advanced facilities and techniques, Shanhaiguan Shipyard can perform repairing, conversion of VLCC, Jack-up, bulk carrier, general cargo carrier, Ro/Ro vessel, container ship, refrigerated carrier, ore carrier, crane ship, pick up boat, supply vessel, harbor vessel and chemical carrier, and the shipyard is also engaged in cargo handling and storage.


In 1995, the shipyard was awarded the foreign trade authority of direct import and export. In 2001, the shipyard was awarded the right to conduct independent harbor business. The shipyard performs repairing, conversion and building of ships and offshore facilities, manufacturing of port handling equipment, fabrication of steel structure, and spare part supply with an annual ship repairing of more than 100 vessels, having built up close relationships with the ship owners from more than 30 areas and countries such as Korea, Greece, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, America and Hong Kong and won a good reputation in the world shipping industry.


Shanhaiguan Shipyard will make further efforts to provide the ship owners both in domestic and abroad with its high quality and good services, based upon its full advantages and solid strength and promoting its good reputation, and insisting on the quality policy of “To provide products for satisfied clients, based on continuous improvement of technology and management”, supplying better products and services for clients both domestically and abroad.



Type Dwt Length(m) x Breadth(m)
Dry dock 240mx 39m
Dry dock 340m x 64m
Dry dock 260m x 50m
Dry dock 320m x 56m

Area Map

DSIC Marine Services Co. Ltd. - Northern China

Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Marine Services Co., Ltd. (DSIC) is located at the bay of Dalian with very good land and sea transportation access. It is 19 km away from the city centre and 15 km away from the airport. It covers an area of 660,000 square meters. It is a prime contractor company specialized in offshore engineering, construction, repair and conversion. Its main business covers jack-up/semi-sub drilling/production platform, drilling ship, FPSO, wind turbine installation vessel and other fixed and floating drilling or oil and gas production facilities.


Area Map

Huarun Dadong Dockyard Co., Ltd - Shanghai Region

HRDD is a joint venture invested by China Resources Machinery & Minmetals (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.(H&Z), China Yatong Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Datong NGS Industries Co., Ltd., majoring in ship repairing and refitting all sorts of large domestic and foreign ships. The company was founded in January, 1994 and operated since November, 1995. Within these years Shipyard has made great progress, relying on H&Z’s advantages in management and technology.
So far, it has contracted ship repairs and refits about 1000 vessels For years, HRDD has been listed as one of the top ten in China’s shiprepair industry, as well as a reputed yard for ship repairs. HRDD is located in Chongming Island, Shanghai, close to the entrance of Yangtze River, opposite to Shanghai Port.
With excellent geographic and water conditions for Owners to implement economic and convenient ship repair and ship conversion, it covers an area of 230,000 sq. meters and a coastal line of 2,300 meters. The yard is equipped with 6 jetties over 1350 meters and 4 floating docks: Dadong is capable for vessels at 175.000 D.W.T Huadong for 150.000 D.W.T, Xingdong for 80.000 D.W.T and Rundong for 50.000 D.W.T Among them, Dadong floating dock is the biggest in East China, d.w.tch is capable to accommodate 200,000 dwt vessels or containers at 8,500 TEU.


The above-mentioned 4 docks and 6 jetties make HRDD reach an annual capacity for 240 vessels.


Dock Dimensions

Huadong Floating 280 33000 150000 2 x 20
Dadong Floating 340 48000 200000 3 x 20
Rundong Floating 195 18000 50000 2 x 20
Xingdong Floating 240 22000 80000 2 x 20
Graving 380 300000 2 x 40
2 x 45

Area Map

Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry - Northern China

Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (BSIC), established in 1898, is now one of the large key-shipyards under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), and is mainly engaged in the businesses of shipbuilding, ship-repairing and conversion, building of and repairing on off-shore projects, building of large-size steel structures, designing and building of GRP boats and relative davits.


Moved to Haixiwan of Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone in 2004 and began to build Haixiwan Shipbuilding & Ship-repairing Base, the new ship-repairing sector and the sectors of GRP boats & davits manufacture had been built and set into production in 2004, and the shipbuilding sector had been set into production in the end of 2008.BSIC have more than 330 hectares of land, 9 km of coastline, nearly 6 km of wharf length, two shipbuilding dry docks (500,000 dwt and 300,000 dwt each), two ship-repairing dry docks (300,000 dwt and 150,000 dwt each), one floating dock for ship-repairing (100,000 dwt), and relative equipments & facilities (including 4 sets of 600 ton gantry crane, one set of 350 ton gantry and one set of 200 ton gantry crane). The annual production capability will be: 2,000,000 dwt of shipbuilding ( 4,680,000 dwt in future ), 200 million US Dollars of ship-repairing turnover, 4 sets of offshore platform, and 500 boats of lifeboat.


The BSIC will mainly undertake various shipbuilding projects of commercial vessels and offshore engineering projects (including various triangle beam structures, drilling platforms and FPSO, etc.), such as various tanker ships, container ships, large sized bulk cargo vessels and other various ships.With first-rate design & research institute of ship and offshore engineering, the BSIC has a quite strong capability of scientific research & development and the technology of information management is advanced. Also with a reliable guarantee system of quality, circumstance and safety, the BSIC will supply wholeheartedly high quality services to all ship owners at home and abroad and will try hardly to be one of the first rate enterprises of shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry, under a principle of “the consumer highest and the quality first”.



Area Map

Yiu Lian (Shekou) Dockyards - Southern China

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., founded in 1989, focuses on repair and conversion of various ships and offshore, as well as steel work.


Admitted by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, China Merchants has achieved rapid growth and fulfilled five-year plan in advance. Keeping in touch with the solid step of the Group, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., continually focuses on expansion and stresses restructuring, asset optimization and management upgrading.


With rich experience and high-quality team work, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., has successfully completed repair of all sorts of vessels and rigs at home and abroad, which enhances good reputation of Yiu Lian for its profession.


In respect of management, Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd., is certified to conform to Quality Management System Standard ISO9002, ISO9001:2000, and OHSMS respectively in October 1997, April 2003 and February 2007, which are the best proof of our safety management.


Holding the principal of skillful workmanship, exquisite technique and high efficiency, with strong backup from the Group and China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. endeavors to continuously expand business scope and improve the quality of our ship repair service to meet the needs of a further step. Rising to one of the top ten ship-repair yards in China, our yard has been highly praised and trusted by our customers, as well as awarded by the Government for many times.With the development of marine industry, in 2004 the Group invested RMB 2.4billion in upgrading Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. overall on a Mazhou Island that has been put into production in 2007.
Covering a total area of 700,000m2 in the Pearl River delta, the company operates along the coastline of 3,400m berths plus two VLCC drydocks with capacities of 300,000dwt and over 300,000dwt respectively and two original floating docks which can handle vessels of 70,000dwt and 30,000dwt respectively. Based upon a full range of equipments and dynamic manpower, our yard has accumulated sufficient experiences and technological knowledge in steel work, coating and painting, machinery maintenance, oil tanks’ conversion and offshore repair and conversion. All staff of Yiu Lian Dockyards (She Kou) Ltd. would exert ourselves to provide sincere services to customers.



Type Dwt Length(m) x Breadth(m)
Graving dock Over 300,000 400m x 83m
Graving dock 300,000 360m x 67m
Floating dock 70,000 240.5m x 36m
Floating dock 30,000 190m x 27.8m

Area Map

Zhoushan IMC-Yongyue Shipyard & Engineering Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Region

Zhoushan IMC-Yongyue Shipyard & Engineering Co., Ltd, a joint-venture between IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group (Singapore) and Zhejiang Yongyue Group (China) is one of the largest ship-repair & ship building engineering enterprises in China.
IMC-YY’s center position is Long 122°16 2 E Lat 29°56 3 N. It is located at Mazhidao which is 500 meters from the famous deep water fishing port — Shenjiamen, Zhoushan, only about 40 minutes by plane from Shanghai or two and a half hours by car from Ningbo. In addition, at within 2 days sailing from Japan or Korea, minimal deviation is required for vessels to reach IMC-YY. The shipyard occupies an area of 457,000 sq. meters and 1900 meters of coastal. Here, it enjoys a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 16 and average annual rainfall of 1100mm. The weather condition is ideal for ship-repairing and engineering works. On Feb 9th, 2007, IMC-YY got ISO9001: 2001 Management System Certificate from DET NORSKE VERITAS.


Up to now, the capacity of ship-repair and conversion is up to 300,000 DWT with following facilities and equipment.

  1. Graving dock:
    • No.1 300,000DWT 350 × 65 × 13.6m
    • No.2 100,000DWT 251 × 39 × 11.8m
  2. Dock crane : 40T × 1set, 25T × 2sets
  3. Wharf : 524.5m length ×12m depth with shore cranes 40T×1set & 25T × 1set
  4. Gantry Cranes : 50T × 1set, 30T × 1set
  5. Workshop : Steel & Outfitting, Piping, Electrical, Docking repair, Pilot services
  6. Technical Service Center : Yanmar Engine, Heatec Cleaning, Kemklen Turbocharger& Heat exchanger, Clavon special coating, Viking Safety Equipment, Engine Recondition & Steam Turbine Maintenance, Woodward Governor, Navigation & Automation etc.


A complete range of ship repair services including:

  • Grit blasting, coating of hulls, cargo holds, and tanks
  • Major steel repairs and renewals
  • Mechanical overhauls
  • Tailshaft, propeller, and rudder repairs
  • Engine room, deck, hold and tank pipe work
  • Cargo gear repairs and testing
  • Electrical motor and generator overhauling and rewinding
  • Navigation equipments inspection


The shipyard has established the business cooperative relations with customers from more than 20 countries and regions, which include Greece, Germany, Cyprus, UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The shipyard is equipped with a proprietary management system/database in line with international standards. Our system is run by a team of dedicated staff, comprising of experienced technicians and workers to cater for a full range of ship repairing & maintenance services. The shipyard is also backed up by reliable subcontractors with certified welders for steel renewal works, piping, electrical, and blasting & coating works etc.

Area Map

Zhoushan Xinya Shipyard - Shanghai Region

Zhoushan xinya shipyard was founded on August 2002, owning one dry dock of 200,000 tons ( 362m in length, 54m in width, and 12.4m in depth), one dry dock of 80,000 tons ( 230m in length, 38m in width, and 10.9m in depth).one repair wharf of 200,000 tons ( 400m in length, 20m in width),three repair wharf of 80,000 tons ( 250m in length, 20m in width), one repair wharf of 60,000 tons ( 180m in length, and 30m in width),owning sea line of 1,500m, with overall investment of RMB 1000 million.


Our geographic location is E 122’06”50” and N 29’47”25”, situated in liuheng island, donglangzui, zhoushan city,Zhejiang province, besides to Shuangyu port ( Fodu waterway). Liuheng island is endowed with expanse and deep water space, slow tide, convenient water and land traffic, Xinya shipyard is really an ideal place for you to repair ship! Xinya shipyard is specialized in repairing vessels of various of types, such as container, bulk carriers, oil tanker and working ship etc. Shipyard have obtained the quality of contracting steel vessel repair abroad and the quality of bidding international project in domestic. In 2008, shipyard had repaired and converted 208 vessels, including three oil tankers converted to bulk carriers, one passenger vessel modified from ferry boat, Zhongchang 118 damage repaired, and so on. Totally, we created a production value of RMB 1,800 million in 2008. At present, our customers are all over the world, including Singapore, Korea, Japan, Germany, England, Hongkong and Taiwan etc, more than 29 countries and areas.


Keep in persisting the tenet of “Quality First, Efficiency Paramount, Service Precedence”, we have been accredited to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control System. Moreover, shipyard was endowed with “Outstanding enterprises of technological transformation during the tenth five years planning in Zhejiang province”. And “excellent enterprise with quality assured and customers satisfied in Zhejiang province” by Zhejiang economy and trade committee. Following of the commercial tenet, our shipyard are persist in performing of the scientific management in compliance with ISO 9001 quality system, and warmly welcoming customers from all of the world come to Xinya Shipyard!



Type Dwt Length(m) x Breadth(m)
Graving dock 200,000 362m x 54m
Graving dock 80,000 230m x 38m

Area Map

Fujian Huadong Shipyard Co., Ltd - Southern China

Fujian Huadong Shipyard invested by Fujian Huarong Marine Shipping Group lies on the north coast of Fujian Luoyuan Bay, a natural and deep-water shelter port which is quite unique in the coastal areas of mainland China.


The shipyard faces the vital sea route-Taiwan Strait to the East. It covers an area of about 800,000sq.meters and has a deep-water shoreline of 2,250m in length. Main facilities of the shipyard include: three dry-docks with a capacity of 400,000DWT (Meas. 375m×72m ), 170,000DWT (Meas. 295m×50m ) and 100,000DWT (Meas. 245m×41.8m ) respectively, one slipway with a capacity of 50,000DWT , seven ship repair (outfitting ) berths totaling 1,710 m in length and workshops totaling about 100,000sq.meters in area. It is the most ideal shipbuiding and ship repair base in south-east coastal areas of China.

Area Map