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Exclusive Agents

We are exclusive agents for the following shipyards:

Main Agents

We are main agents for the following shipyards:

Engine Deck Repair Antwerp - Belgium

Engine Deck Repair (EDR) is a ship repair and maintenance company located in Antwerp, providing to their clients an “All-in-One” solution for all their requirements.


With years of experience in ship repair and maintenance, their service engineers are very well trained and experienced in each of their fields of competence.They are therefore able to offer you the highest level of overall expertise where speed and quality are provided against very competitive rates.


From planned repairs over emergency repairs for execution during cargo operations to repairs during navigation, EDR can cover it all. Even very extensive repairs or conversions at lay-by berths or drydocks, EDR has the experience, know-how and trained workforce to deal with such repairs with ease. During our repairs they keep close contact with our clients, as well as with class surveyors and port authorities, with whom they have built up close relations over the years.

Area Map

Nauta Shipyard - Poland

NAUTA Shipyard S.A encompasses about 19.7 hectares of land including the present facility near the Gdynia city centre and newly acquired area of former Stocznia Gdynia S.A.


It has one 380m x 70m dry dock and four floating docks with lifting capacity ranging from 1,200 to 12,000 tonnes and has about 2,900 lineal metres of berthing with all the cranes required. It is fully equipped to carry out most advanced ship repairs and conversions to the ship owners requirements and demands.


High quality of their work is certified with Quality System ISO 9001:2008, approved by ABS Quality Evaluation and PRS. In addition Nauta meets the requirements of: ISO 14001:2004, PN-N-18001-2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and AQAP 2110:2009.

Area Map

Cassar Ship Repair - Malta

With a maximum capacity of 5,000 tons, the floating dock “Camileon” was built in 1992. It was commissioned to Cassar Ship Repair, its first owners, in May 1996.


The floating dock has an overall length of 130m and is 30m wide. The two lateral cranes, with a lifting capacity of 5 tons each, as well as all the equipment are powered through the inbuilt generator system.


The Camileon is berthed exactly to the Yard’s jetty facilitating direct link with the workshops and easy access for electrical shore supply to the actual vessel on board.


The Dock Master and the Operation Engineer are responsible for all docking and undocking operations.

Area Map

ISRY Shiprepair Yard - Ukraine

ISRY Shiprepair Yard (ex. Ilyichevsk Shiprepair Yard) was established in 1951 in convenient harbour of Sukhoi Estuary (the northwestern Black Sea). It has favorable location: close to Ilyichevsk Sea port and about 20 km from Odessa. Besides, ships calling at Ilyichevsk in winter have the additional benefit of mild climatic conditions here.Since its foundation the shipyard has focused on repair of ships of all types using advancing technologies. In 2006 the company changed form of ownership and became a private one. These changes together with entry of Ilyichevsk Shipyard into the world market of shiprepair have mobilized a comprehensive modernization of its production facilities.


Long-term plans provide further improvement of the yard to remain up-to-date enterprise competitive to domestic shipyards and leading shipyards round the world as well. Ambitious investment plans are aimed to meet the challenges arising from the changing conditions in the world shipping market.


Our basic activities are:



  • repair and renewal of steel constructions;
  • conversion work;
  • repair of hatch covers/renewal;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurements


Hull treatment

  • high pressure fresh water cleaning, scraping and wire -brushing;
  • gritblasting up to SA 2,5 and painting of shell plating, decks and holds;
  • ballast and cargo tanks blasting/painting


Docking works

  • sterntube seals renewal, tailshaft withdrawal for survey;
  • repair of propulsion units including units with CPP;
  • overhauling/repair of sea valves of all ship’s systems;
  • repair of steering gears;
  • repair of propellers;
  • recondition of Chrome liners for simplex seals


Machinery and piping

  • repair of main and auxiliary diesels and turbine plants;
  • repair of all types of pumps and compressors;
  • repair of turbocharges;
  • repair of refrigerating plants;
  • repair of main and auxiliary boilers;
  • recondition of vessel’s spare parts for ME and DG
  • renewal and repair of pipelines;
  • renewal and repair of cable lines;


Navigation and electrical equipment

  • repair of electrical equipment and motors;
  • repair of radio equipment;
  • repair of electronic equipment


Repairs onboard

  • Various repairs on vessels during loading operations in ports of Ilyichevsk and Odessa.

Area Map

Kuzey Star Shipyard - Turkey

Kuzey Star Shipyard is bringing a new approach and understanding to repair and maintenance services with providing its customers “All in One” services besides shipyard and docking services. With the dynamic, experienced and expert staff, Kuzey Star Shipyard is offering; repair and maintenance service of any kind of main engine and auxiliries, repair and maintenance service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, machine workshop and rectification works, agency service, spare parts and consumer goods supply.


Yards facilities and services as follows;


Kuzey Star Shipyard / Yalova

  • 1 slipway for NB,
  • 120 meters of pier,
  • Total 45.000 m2 area.


Kuzey Star Shipyard / Tuzla

  • 280 meters of berthing space in total,
  • 2 Floating Docks
  • 3 slipways for NB
  • Total 80.000 m2 area.
  • New Building
  • Ship Repair
  • Ship Conversion
  • Live Stock Conversions as per AMSA and Irish Rules and Regulations
  • Re-building
  • Dry-Docking


Ship Repair, ship docking, Conversion, livestock conversion, ship lenghtening, ship design, ship supply, ship building


Area Map

Authorized Agents

We are authorized agents for the following shipyards:

Tuzla Shipyard - Turkey

Kiran Holding operates “TUZLA SHIPYARD” as the largest ship repair facility in the Tuzla Bay. Tuzla Shipyard is one of the largest in Turkey and, throughout its history, it has been identified with remarkable naval work.


Located in the Tuzla suburb of Istanbul, north east of the Sea of Marmara at the entrance to the Bosphorus. We provide drydocking, repair and conversion services with fast turnaround times at competitive prices.Tuzla Area, where the company facilities are ideally located is at the heart of one of the world’s busiest waterways and close to the industrial and transportation centers of the country.


Tuzla Shipyard’s location in Istanbul offers convenient access to both Black Sea and Aegean Sea and industrial hinterland of Turkey. The yard has direct access to open sea and railways of the country. It is one-hour drive to Ataturk International Airport and ten minutes drive to the new Gokcen Airport.


TYPE DWT Length(m) x Breadth(m)
Floating Dock 250.000 350m x 65m

Area Map

Tersan Shipyard - Turkey

Tersan Shipyard Inc. is belonging to Tersan group of companies providing services in four maritime sectors, i) new ship building, ii) ship repair, docking & conversion, iii) ship owning & operation and iv) ship agency services. Relatively young group’s, especially the ship building division has become one of the leading players in Turkey and as well as in Europe. Tersan’s sustained success that is achieved by its experienced human resources, modern facilities, customer support and reliability guided the company to gain unique and challenging big orders.


In 2001 Tersan Group established their new building yard in the same region of Tuzla/Istanbul but separately from the repair yard. The first new building project was successfully delivered in 2002 which is followed by a number of challenging new building projects until 2008. However the limited space in Tuzla/Istanbul region and the capacities of the current yard no longer met with Tersan’s future targets of building huge offshore ships and handy-max commercial vessels, consequently Tersan decided to invest in a new shipyard in Yalova city with much more capacities and still benefitting logistics advantages of easy access to/from Istanbul.


The repair yard remaining active in Tuzla, Istanbul, Tersan’s ship building division moved to Yalova in 2008. The new facilities in Yalova has been designed and developed by Tersan’s own experienced team together with a group of high-qualified architects, building it from scratch in the light of their expertise. Tersan’s new building premises in Yalova is today, one of the biggest, most modern and efficiently organized shipyards in Europe. Besides the initial investment, the development of the yard is going on continuously meeting upcoming technologies and projects. The yard is employing about 500 permanent personnel where the total number of workforce reaches up to 2000 depending on the workload of the projects.




Floating Dock No :1 (Tuzla)

Lenght:              130,00 (m)
Inner Beam:    22,50 (m)
Lifting Cap.:     6500 (tons)
Max Draft:       6 (m)
Dock Cranes:   2×5 (tons)


Floating Dock No :2 (Yalova)

Lenght:              180,00 (m)
Inner Beam:    29,00 (m)
Lifting Cap.:     9000 (tons)
Max Draft:       7 (m)
Dock Cranes:   2×10 (tons)


Safer Repair Berth

Total Lenght:  1460 (m)
Crane Cap.:      1×550 (tons) / 2×40 (tons) / 2×10 (tons)
Depth:               Up to 18 (m)

Area Map

Sefine Shipyard - Turkey

Founded in 2005 and occupying over 140.000 m2 of land for newbuilding, repair-maintenance and conversion, Sefine Shipyard is one of the leading establishments in Yalova region with over 350 yard
employees excluding subcontractor personnel.

The shipyard is able to undertake ship repair services up to 90.000 DWT on its Post-Panamax size graving dock and up to 120.000 DWT on its Aframax size floating dock.

On the other hand, Sefine has the technical ability and physical capacity to perform new building of various types of ships such as General Cargo Vessels, Double Ended Car&Passenger Ferries, Offshore Vessels, Search&Rescue Boats, AHTs, Tug Boats and Live Fish Carriers.

Having increased its revenue by 300% between 2012 and 2015, the shipyard became the 40th fastest growing company in 2016 Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey’s top 100 listing.


Area Map

Besiktas Shipyard – Turkey

Besiktas Shipyard is one of the best-established ship building and ship repair yards of Turkey with proven experience in building most sophisticated specialized ships up to 26.000 dwt and repairing any type of vessels up to 382 m.


It is the most active ship repair yard of the Mediterranean region having + 150 dockings per annum with 3 graving and floating docks up to 382 m.


Besiktas Shipyard has one 235 m long, 40 m wide panamax size dry dock, a 230 m long, 37 m wide panamax size floating dock and a 382 meter long, 58 meters wide floating dock dedicated to ship repairs and conversions.

They have a strong and experienced ship repair team to provide the highest level of performance.


Ship repair Division Services:


  • General Services
  • Engine Works
  • Dry Docking, Manoeuvring and Berth services
  • Electrical / Electronic Works
  • Surface Preparation, Cleaning & Painting
  • Pipe Works
  • Steel Renewal Works
  • Outfitting Works


Lay berths, lifting capacities, ship repair tools and equipments are available to service their clients in parallel to the vision of being one of the best ship repair & conversion shipyards of Europe.

Besiktas Shipyard aims to provide competitive services to high profile shipping segments such as off-shore ships, oil rigs, gas carriers.

Area Map