Marine Plus | Tank Cleaning
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Tank Cleaning

We are exclusive agents of Haitong Ltd., the largest de-mugging and tank cleaning workshop in China. We have completed many tank-cleaning projects, as well as for VLCC’s, with main emphasis on competitive rates but most importantly thorough job and short period due to extensive workforce committed to this activity.

Haitong Ltd. – Zhoushan Region, China


We can provide the following services for our customers:


  1. Slop/sludge collection and treatment
    Now the company owns 2 barges of 500 T, more than 20 barges between 100-200T, can accept over 2,000 tons and store 15,000 tons of slop at one time. The annual capacity of slop treatment is 150,000 tons,waste oil refinery 20,000 tons.
  2. Tank cleaning for all kinds of vessels
    The company has been equipped with various professional tank cleaning facilities, which includes 28 pieces of Air Hoist, two 6m3 Air Compressors, 200 pieces of Anti-Explosive Lamps and etc. The company has 30 cleaning specialists and technicians, 500 cleaning workers at present, making us capable of working round-clock for 2 VLCC demucking operation at anchorage simultaneously.
  3. Barge rental
  4. Fuel oil, lubricant oil storage and trading
  5. Shipping agency
  6. Ship supply
  7. Marine Engineering/Voyage repairing
Our advantage

During last 2 decades, we have cleaning hundreds of different types vessels from all over the world; by that, we accumulated vast experience and build very good relationship with local port authorities and shipyards. So we deeply understand the tank cleaning requirement of the owner or the shipyards, from the partial cleaning for regular dry docking work/voyage repair to full cleaning for conversion project, thus we can finish the all kinds cleaning with the minimum time accordingly to owner’s or shipyard’s requirements. For example, in 2007, we cleaned a VLCC called Yangtze Star in only 7 days with 1739.9M3 of slop collected, 487.6MT of sludge removed and 62105.9M2 of area cleaned.


Rm 411, Chuangzhan Building, No. 928 Xikang Rd., Jing’An, Shanghai 200040 – China

We have recently set up similar arrangements with workshops in North and South to give our customers a wider range of facilities, but still concentrate on Haitong for the larger jobs.